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Viking Academy Trust

Viking Academy Trust

Promise Six

We will have a relentless focus on being the best that we can be and in all that we do

This means we will all…

  • Be enthusiastic and committed to achieving all of our goals
  • Lead by example – quality speaks volumes
  • Take responsibility for the role we have in the VAT
  • Take time to see how we can be even better at what we do
  • Have pride in our success
  • Celebrate and share in the success of others
  • Be resilient and never give up in the tough times
  • Support others in good times and bad
  • Be relentless in our ambition for ourselves, our colleagues and the VAT
  • Be motivated and self-reliant
  • Never be afraid to ask for help and support
  • Always offer help and support to others
  • Never let personal ambition dominate the shared vision for the VAT