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Viking Academy Trust

Viking Academy Trust

Our Blue Book

VAT Values…The Power of 3! Leadership, Excellence & Teamwork

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If all Viking staff commit to the values in our ‘Little Blue Book’ then the success of our schools and the VAT can be judged by the children being more fully engaged in their own learning and participating in a varied range of memorable experiences matched to their needs, interests and capabilities.  This will develop them as life-long learners and prepare them for the next stage of their education.

We ask that you, as role models within our organisation, are risk-takers when it comes to dreaming and thinking about the possibilities for our children, and contribute to exciting and innovating activities inside and outside the VAT.


‘One Childhood One Chance’ The amount of time children spend in education is finite. We have a responsibility to ensure that every moment a child is in a VIKING school, must be spent productively. Once wasted, it is gone forever and cannot be given back.