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Viking Academy Trust

Viking Academy Trust

Who We Are

Viking Academy Trust currently consists of three primary schools that work closely together with the aim of ensuring that each and every one of our pupils receives an outstanding education and is supported in their development towards becoming highly effective and successful members of society.

Through  effective, purposeful collaboration, Viking schools work together to ensure every child can know the joy of learning, and be supported to reach his or her potential. All children have strengths. These can readily be seen in academic achievement or in artistic, musical, dramatic and sporting success. Equal to these are the abilities which help us to excel as people.

Viking staff aim to create calm yet highly stimulating learning environments, within which every child can feel secure and grow in self-confidence, gaining the necessary personal, social and academic life-skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world - whilst never forgetting the vital importance of such "traditional values" as courtesy and thought for others.

Key Benefits for VIKING schools

Working in partnership, as a family of VIKING schools, has significant benefits which include:

  • Excellent professional development opportunities, which support the recruitment and retention of staff.
  • Training days in common, facilitating high quality CPD.
  • Sharing of teachers, expertise and best practice.
  • Rapid dissemination of best-practice across the group – sharing of policies, procedures and documentation
  • Purposeful collaboration, designed to improve standards across all VIKING schools eg Moderation, sharing of assessment practices
  • Access to high quality, shared services e.g. Finance, catering, premises, and ICT.
  • Innovative staffing arrangements – for example, staff working across more than one VIKING school.
  • Economies of scale – VIKING Academy Trust can procure “value for money” services for all its schools.