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Viking Academy Trust

Viking Academy Trust

Our Strategy for Growth

For those most closely associated with VIKING, the key binding agent is its deep-rooted moral purpose. The collaborative culture, which is the fundamental agent of accelerated improvement in the VIKING Academy Trust, is able to exist because of the shared commitment of all involved in the Trust to all of the pupils attending our schools.

The Viking Academy Trust ensures, through the ubiquitous culture of excellence and the highest standards in all aspects of its work, that the children served by VIKING will be given the best start to their educational journey – equipping every child with the confidence, skills and knowledge to successfully transfer to their chosen secondary school in Year 7. 

There are elements of the VIKING Academy Trust that make it unique. The combination of the tight geographical concentration of its constituent parts, the diversity of the communities it serves and the range of provision it offers.

Collaboration is key to how VIKING Academy Trust operates and there are two strands to this.

1) Very best practice shared across VIKING schools to improve the education for all Viking children.

2) Our best leaders work across our schools to help drive up standards