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Viking Academy Trust

Viking Academy Trust


Head of School: Mr Alex McAuley

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Michaela Lewis

Our USP...

At Chilton Primary School we firmly believe in “One Childhood, One Chance” because every minute counts. From our children’s first moments with us in Reception as they learn how to be a great learner, to their final days in Year 6 as they ready themselves for the next step in their education, all that we do at Chilton focuses on every child becoming the best that they can be; to truly fulfil their every potential. Well-being, happiness, success and collaboration are the cornerstones of excellence in learning and our core purpose puts every child first.​​​​​​

One Childhood, One Chance - Empowering children Through Education - What That Means at Chilton:

  • Breaking down cycles of disadvantage

  • Opening horizons up and levelling the playing-field  

  • Our values as a cornerstone of our school and its community  

  • The Chilton Way as a safe consistent for all  

  • Building relationships and focusing on pastoral care  

  • High quality teaching and learning for all

Academy Description

Chilton Primary School proudly serves the community of Pegwell and West Ramsgate. We have more than 400 lively young minds at our school. Children are supported to be the best they can be by our dedicated teachers and support staff. 

Our children are confident learners who contribute to a caring and happy school community. This really is the children’s school. We meet the needs of all our pupils and nurture whatever talents they might have. Our aim is to make sure that, by setting high expectations and providing targeted support to every one of our children, each will have a successful Primary education.

School Ethos

Whatever a child’s background or starting point, we want to make sure that they finish Year 6 with the academic skills, social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. Every lesson at our school is creative and there is plenty of time for children to think, to play, to discover and wonder.

Each child is taught in the way that suits them best and we step in quickly if a change is needed. For some children, this might involve one-to-one support if they are finding something difficult and for others it could mean stretching them more to keep them interested.  

Our school has an energy and purpose, with traditional values and social and emotional development at the centre of learning. Pupils know that good behaviour is expected of them. They are frequently praised and rewarded for trying their best and for being kind, hard-working and well-behaved.

We want the school to feel friendly and welcoming. Our children are taught to respect each other and their teachers.  There is a zero tolerance approach to any type of bullying.


Please see below to read our latest Ofsted Report...